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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Harry Potter

Are you bored with this topic? Oh well... never mind. I am just copy pasting what I wrote to a friend today on the subject as it seemed to have a point.

I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because, well i felt that the first reading was done with so much eagerness and in such a hurry, that i might have missed subtle points, which made me dislike the book. I have read, re-read and loved all the earlier volumes, so how can i dislike this one so much? Well, we'll find out when i am done. As part of the Harry Potter fever i also bought all the three VCDs of the movies.

I had felt that the directors did not do justice to the book, when i saw them. Of course, this is besides the fact that no movie can match its counterpart in the book. However, now as I watch them again, I must apologise to Mr Chris Columbus, but I think the only thing he did wrong with this one is not do justice to my imagination of the books. I was a shade grander there, several shades, in fact.

But the movie, which has no foundation in my imagination does well for itself. Thought I wish Lupin did not look so funny with his chaplinesque moustache.

So cheers to Harry, Ron and Hermione...and Fluffy and Buckbeak(Witherwings?) and Norbert and Grawp. :-)
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