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Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review : ‘Heaven and Hell Alliance: all rules go loose’ by BS Sarwagna Kumar

This book took me one day to finish and I am thankful for that. I do not know how to begin, but I have a problem with the language used in the book and with the editing. 

Well, let’s begin. About a thousand years ago, two brothers who have their own kingdoms, fight because the elder one, Andriel wants both the kingdoms under his rule. So, the war begins and both of them die. And luckily, for him though he and his brother Sam end up in hell, where they turn into demons, he falls in love with Jessie Bongers, who is an angel. 

The angel, who was in love with Andriel before his death manages to rescue the two brothers. The two, who have set aside their differences, settle down on earth. Incidentally, Yash who is also an angel also moves to earth due to her differences with Azariel, an archangel. That’s another love story in the making, Yash and Sam!

The whole world turns upside down and the confusion for the reader mounts. God, angels, demons, humans, witches, ancestors, descendants and their souls and the whole so-called fantasy of the author’s seems to be a messy muddle. 
The title was unfortunately confusing, as well. His characters are too many and it could have ended much earlier too. If you can make any sense of the review that’s great but I did not understand this novel, at all and hence this review.

BS Sarwagna Kumar definitely has a keen interest in writing and one can see that, but it lacks a certain characterization and meaning. While, Kumar’s attempt can be appreciated, his novel seems childish, at best. It could have done with a lot of editing and I do not mean just the language. 

Author: BS Sarwagna Kumar
Cover Design: Mishta Roy
Layout: Panwar Media Services
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
ISBN : 9-78-93-83562-21-3
Price: Rs 150 (India) $7 (US)

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