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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Review : 'Suicide Game' by Haidji

Might as well start out by saying, I personally did not think too much of this book. I have heard comparisons to Hunger Games, but it is not.  I started to read Suicide Game, expecting nothing, since the author is new, as well.

I do admire Haidji’s extreme interest to have her book read and reviewed, though considering it is her first book and it was self-published. (P.S: I would be scared! :) 

PS- It is apparently not her first book, so I apologise for saying it was. 

‘Suicide Game’ started off with a description of the stadium, and it had the airy, mystical kind of approach to it. The stadium which could house up to 100,000 people had about 8,000 candidates taking part in the Suicide Game. The game itself had the candidates jumping to death over a few rounds. 

Every candidate had their own reasons for participating in this game, considering that only one could win. The Council, who also wear coloured togas; black, purple, green, blue, red, yellow and white, run the game. 

Candidates are chosen and the reason for their participation is described in the book. The public who are watching this game, through television, or mobile screens have to vote for people and bet on their winning. That’s the premise.
The candidates'choices could be anything between death, happiness and hope. And the dreams that these people have, choosing between the best and worst things in their lives, form the reason behind everyone’s participation. This is supposed to be the crux of the book.

The entire book seemed to be in another place to me. (Frankly, it was nowhere I could be.) And the writing was all over the place. All this was enough to completely put me off.

So, I really do now want to say too much else, but Haidji, you have attempted a book, which has quite the bold subject, but unfortunately, you have lost out on the editing front. 

So, wish you all the best for the next one, and I hope that I can do it more justice.

Author:  Haidji

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN -10 1492869201
ISBN - 13 978-1492869207
Price: Rs 961

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