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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Editor Interview : Madhavi Purohit, Leadstart titles’ Editor

Stressing on the importance of a good command over the language and its need by any author is this editor. She says that a 'good book' is only called that when in features good writers. 

Having edited some of the best lead sellers this year, this editors sure knows what she means when she says, that an editor is required to have fresh, professional perspective, when she looks at a copy.

What are you looking for in a book, when it first comes to you?

Mainly, an appealing concept, a good writing style, and a well-told story. This is of course, only for fiction.

What, according to you are the qualities of an ideal writer?

A good command over the language, a vivid imagination that is able to engage the reader in the special world, the writer creates.

Could you explain the process in detail from writing, to editing, and finally, printing and marketing?

Once a manuscript is accepted, a publishing contract is signed.

Then an editor edits the manuscript thoroughly all the while coordinating with the author about the changes.

Then, the copy is laid out into pages. These are proof-read.

A designer designs the book cover and all of this is sent to the printer for printing.

At Leadstart, a few copies are printed first, and these are checked once again after which a final print run is ordered.

What do you think an editor could add to the writer’s work?

An editor looks at a manuscript with a fresh, professional perspective that is invaluable in refining and polishing the copy.

What are you working on now?

Some of our promising titles will soon be in the market:

A science fiction ‘Shining Dawn’, a racy thriller, ‘The Madras Mangler’, a poignant love story ‘A Heart’s Whisper’ and a fun romance ‘Once Upon A Crush’.

What sorts of project(s) are most likely to get an okay from you?

The projects that feature good writers are most likely to get accepted.

Could you tell us about some of your upcoming titles? 

Apart from the four mentioned, there’s a very good book of short stories coming up. It’s called ‘Transactions of Belonging’.

What are your top three favourite books?

Leadstart’s bestsellers – Asura, Ajaya, Arjuna

What is your favourite thing about being an editor? And your least favourite thing?

Favourite thing is to shape a book and see it through to publication.

The least favourite thing is having to turn down projects.

What are the main skills, an editor would need to do their job well?

An editor:

Should have a good command over the language.

Should be able to get in sync with the author and the spirit of his/her copy.

Should have a non-judgmental view of the material.

Should be able to objectively assess the viability of the project.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

All of the above.

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