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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Author Interview: Krishna Udayasankar, author of 'Kurukshetra' Part II

This is the concluding part of Krishna Udayasankar's interview, the First Part is in here and a Review of 'Kurukshetra', and you Buy 'Kurukshetra' here, too. In this, she tells us her understanding of what exactly good vs evil is, and more exciting stuff, as she reveals what her new books are going to be and when they would be out...

You have managed to make most of the heroes not look so heroic and the villains not, have the usual villainy. How do you differentiate them from the usual understanding of these characters that we get to read about?

Human beings are complicated creatures, so to reduce a complex web of events to a simplistic story of good versus evil or heroes versus villains felt inadequate.

Its not that I meant to show characters as different just to make them so, they evolved with nuanced shades because of the story I was trying to tell. To do that, I had to look beyond good and evil stereotypes of the characters, at the epic battles that take place within the hearts and minds of individuals, not just on the battlefield.

So, what we will find in The Aryavarta Chronicles is people who behave in ways that may be good or bad, simplistically speaking, but in themselves they are far more complicated, as are the situations they find themselves in.

When would your next book be out? And what is it going to be on?

My next book, titled “Immortal” is more mytho-fantasy than mytho-history. The book should be out in the second half of this year. It features one of my favourite characters from The Aryavarta Chronicles age but in a completely contemporary setting!

I have also signed on to do a prequel to The Aryavarta Chronicles: “The Cowherd Prince.”

Did you think that they would become as successful as they have become today?
I think successful is a excessively complimentary word to use for my books. I’m just glad that some people have found in The Aryavarta Chronicles a world they gladly brought to life in their imaginations. That is what makes me truly happy.

Which book are you currently reading?

Hilary Mantel’s ‘The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher’.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

Isaac Asimov via Goodreads
There are a few, but this time around I will mention just one: Isaac Asimov, especially for his ability to create an alternative world and present it from a broader, evolutionary point of view. I also mention him because Kurukshetra contains two pieces that could be considered an homage to Asimov. I’m not telling you what they are though! :)

Who is your inspiration?

People. And dogs.

What else do you do on a day to day basis?

I’m a pretty boring person, really. I teach International Business at a university, I enjoy working out and otherwise just chilling at home with my family. I daydream – sometimes to the point of missing my stop on the train or bus. I also enjoy going for long walks with my fur-kids. :)

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