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Friday, January 09, 2015

James Bond vs Jack Reacher. Comparison and thoughts...

Lee Child
I was just reading Lee Child’s handiwork, a Jack Reacher novel, when it struck me that he is not that different from Ian Fleming’s James Bond. No doubt, that two different characters from some of our favourite books, cannot be compared. But I was rather stuck by the similarities between Bond and Reacher. Both have interested me in their own ways. 

Bond and Reacher are both intelligent and heroes of their books. That is taken for granted, of course. Both their action moves are rather different, Bond of course has all the gadgets and guns, he requires while Reacher of course, has all the muscle he needs and the occasional firearms too.

Reacher is a former Major in the US Army and Military Police Corps, who retired at 36, but takes on the occasional job, where it is marked danger. Reacher’s travels are usually in the US, but on occasion, he has travelled to France and England. He does not have a home. 

James Bond
Bond on the other hand, is a Secret Service agent, code number 007, was 38 when he joined the service. He keeps a house in London, and is internationally active.

Bond has the blue-grey eyes, while Reacher has blue eyes. Bond is 6ft tall, while Reacher is up at 6’5. Between 35 and 42 are both their ages. They never seem to age, though. They are extremely fit too!

A three-inch scar on his cheek and a faint scar of a Russian Cyrillic letter carved onto his hand while quite a few scars and a broken nose for Reacher, at last count. Both of them seem to have a liking for caffeine; Reacher loves his coffee, while Bond likes coffee too.

Both are travellers, Reacher would prefer the walk, so he hitchhikes and also, the occasional bus and flights, whenever needed, while Bond travels by ultra-cool cars and of course, the flights. Fashion wise, Reacher is for the street wear, while Bond’s strict fashion sense, keeps him up there.

Jack Reacher (movie)
Both seem to have a liking for languages as well, though Bond wins this round. He is fluent in English, French, Italian, German and Russian, with a degree in Oriental languages and is passable with Greek, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Reacher speaks fluent English and French, with passable Spanish.

They both have an attraction, Bond’s of course, is legendary, but Reacher does not seem to be far behind. Both Bond and Reacher seem to get their women at the end of every book. Both seem to be against commitment, of any sort.

People-wise too, Reacher is a loner, preferring to drift, as always, while Bond, who though we do see him interacting. I guess only M, Moneypenny and Q are the only beneficiaries, though I cannot say that’s great either.
Ian Fleming

But both Bond and Reacher are strong individuals, and extremely focused. Their characters are different due to their circumstances. Both are extremely good at what they do, and their brilliance, knowledge and street smart tactics are what keep them, going!

Both have some super cool movie stars, converting their books into movies, as well… So, who wins? :)

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