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Monday, January 05, 2015

Book Review : ‘Girl from Fatehpur' by Sarita Varma

I guess, every household has one or another love story to narrate, and so this is what I felt whilst I read, ‘Girl from Fatehepur’. Sarita Varma’s novella is a simple love story, of Sanjana and Rajan.

The story begins in Mumbai, far away from her hometown, Fatehpur, the orphaned Sanjana makes a home for herself, where she lives with Zoya, her flatmate and confidante. Here, we are introduced to Krish, who is her colleague and someone who is in love with her. Sanjana is a little confused, at this point.

Rajan was someone from her past and she thought of him often enough, while the confident Krish is her present. So, stuck in this rigmarole, she finds herself on the way to Fatehpur, where she hopes to find some peace and time, as she is headed for her cousin’s wedding.

On the way to Fatehpur, she stops at her cousin, Devika’s home, where she does not meet her, but ends up in the neighbour’s house, where she meet Rajan, again. Rajan, who is on his way to Fatehpur meets Sanjana, after ages and offers her a ride home.

Here begins the mutual attraction and unsaid words of this love story. Though Sanjana remembers that she had already told Rajan of her love, all those years ago, she finds herself in a confused state again. The trip to Fatehpur and all the time she spends with Rajan and her family, bring back memories and create a few new ones, as well.

At the wedding, she is busy enjoying herself, and is in no way prepared to see Krish, who lands up at the wedding, as he is related to the boy’s side. The unspoken battle between Rajan and Krish, as they fight over Sanjana is there for all to see.

With no words said, Sanjana leaves for Mumbai. Here, she meets Krish again, whom she has rejected already at Fatehpur, but he is not one to give up. As the days go on, we see the re-entry of Rajan.

The readers are left to wonder, what happens at the end of this love story. I personally felt, that this would make a great Karan Johar movie, because it seemed right up his alley, what with all the family and the love triangle. I also felt that this was a nice and simple love story, which had all the problems, with its dash of drama. 

How it ended and does Sanjana finds true love? It makes up for a predictable but one with all the adventure and mystery, it needs. A nice teenybopper romance, is what this is. You can catch 'Girl from Fatehpur' ebook, right here.
Author: Sarita Varma

Genre: Fiction
ISBN : 9781927826188
Publisher: Indireads
Price: Rs 199 /-

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