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Monday, January 12, 2015

Book Review : ‘A Life Less Lived' by Saumya Misra

Saumya Misra’s ‘A Life Less Lived’ started off like any other. About a college going girl, Aparna and her best friend, Rati. You are put through the usual routine of her college and its adventures. The story takes an unexpected turn and follows Aparna, and one is taken into an old man’s tale. 

The old man, Boorha Baba is a weak and sickly creature, who catches her interest. One day, when Boorha Baba seems quite sickly, she immediately calls her reluctant mother and takes him in. A doctor is called in and asks Aparna and her mother to take care of him.

Meanwhile, Rati has her own set of problems. She lives in a wealthy home, with only her mother. She wants to see her estranged father, but Rati’s mother, Anamika keeps her on a tight leash, claiming all the money for herself. Caught in the situation, Rati manages to escape, hoping to call her father, from somewhere away from home.

Aparna seems to be caught between the devil and the deep sea. She wants to help out Rati, but she finds herself kept away firstly by Anamika and then she hears of Rati running away from home.

Meanwhile, Boorha Baba who has recovered a little now launches into a story of his own. In a village, he was the eldest son of the village’s biggest man. Known as Panna, he enjoyed the company of his two step-brothers and close friend.

There is a boy from his village who was in love with a girl from the neighbouring village. As this was not allowed, due to caste differences the boy and girl are beaten to death, as Panna’s father passes the order.

Panna, who himself is against these problems; but find himself in a similar situation. He finds himself in love with Damayanti. She and Panna who keep meeting due to various circumstances, are suddenly kept away, by Damyanti’s evil uncle. The situation is eclipsed by a cousin of Panna’s too.

As his story ends, we are now aware of why Boorha Baba is so far away from the Panna he was. He, who was almost killed, finds himself now begging for food and clothes.

We also meet Rati’s father who comes home from the overseas but with a godmother. How does the entire situation blend together, to find its end? Will true love find its end, will we know how and why people act the way they do and will the families get together? 

Circumstances, problems, love, friendships, spouses and families are all in this one. With plots and subplots, this social thriller manages to find its end. They were all stitched together quite decently.

Did I like it? Well, perhaps due to the various subplots, I got a little confused. The spelling errors did not help its case, either. But overall, a decent effort.

Author: Saumya Misra
Genre: Fiction
ISBN : 9789384226558
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Corp
Price: Rs 145 /-

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