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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review : ‘Hama-Guri goes to school' by Aditi Bose

Okay, I did not really expect much from this book of children’s short stories. But, it took me by surprise. It is a simple book of a 6 year old boy, Hama Guri and his adventures at school and home, too. Hama is a kid like everyone else. He goes to school, has a best friend, Ma-Door, and a very creative Mother, who would come into each of these adventures, with a twist.

All the stories have a different subject to deal with. Competitiveness, bullying, managing time, even science and doctoral pains and also, the spirit of earning and managing money. These are all lessons that need to be taught to children. The author, Aditi Bose has a way of blending lessons into different games and crafts, which Hama’s mother has a knack for.

How Hama loses a story telling competition but still manages to win hearts, and learn the spirit of competition is dealt with in the first story, how he manages to stop a bully, with the help of his mother and her quick thinking is the next one.

My favourite was how he learns to manage time, with a little creative exercise. Also, how he manages to help his friend at time of his accident, and learn a little bit of science and finally, earn a little pocket money, complete this tiny book, with its ingenious stories and tiny resourceful tips.  

Overall, the book has five stories; Hama-Guri Loses a Competition, Hama-Guri stops a Bully, Hama-Guri learns how to Manage Time, It is Doctor Day for Hama-Guri and Hama-Guri earns Pocket Money.

The book is imaginative and an exercise in creativity. The names are pretty funny too, Hama-Guri, Ma-Door, Shara-Raat, Mihi-Dana, She-Kor and also, my absolute favourite, Ba-Daam. 

The only drawbacks are possibly the editing, which could have been better; it missed a few commas and a few spellings. I did not exactly understand, where it was based, either and did not really see too much of the school featuring in all the stories, though the book is named 'Hama Guri goes to school'.

But, it manages to treat certain subjects of a growing child, with all the innovation, one might need. I would not say that this is a book for children only, but possibly, adults too with kids, who are fast growing up, nowadays.

What makes it work is not just the kid but also, his mother, who uses her own ingenuity to teach the child all the lessons, as only a parent can.
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