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Monday, May 18, 2015

Book Review : ‘Nights in Pink Satin' by Anita Shirodkar

I remembered the song, ‘Nights in White Satin’ by the ‘The Moody Blues’, and kept singing it all day, while I read this book. Yes, that’s right. It took me one day to finish this book, ‘Nights in Pink Satin’, by Anita Shirodkar.

The things about this book are that it is fast paced but also, has a filmy touch to it. I kept imagining most of the characters from a Zoya Akhtar film, to replace Simran and Siddharth, as the protagonists of the book.

Okay, now for the book review, of ‘Nights in Pink Satin’. Set in Mumbai, Siddharth’s family is in trouble. He belongs to the Raichand family, who happen to be big shots in the real estate business. So, out of the blue, he is asked to marry Simran Dandekar, the daughter of a big name in the real estate business in Nagpur. But this marriage happens to protect the family business for the Raichands. Though aware of this situation, the Dandekars do not inform their daughter of the same.

So, we soon find ourselves in the Raichand house. You do notice the differences between the two families and the difficulties faced by Simran to adjust to a whole new family. One also notes that though Siddharth is really nice about the whole thing, he cannot seem to forget someone he had loved before.

Simran makes adjustments to understand her husband. But she cannot lose her creative head, and seems to be constantly on the hunt for subjects. She finds a particular tale of love and lust, with all the ‘masala’, she needs. Her story fits in wonderfully too, as she is struggling to find love and the necessary lust with Siddharth.

As time goes by, Simran does discover love, but then she also learns of her husband’s former love and the repercussions of it. His former girlfriend returns and Simran finds herself caught, not just in this but also in the other love of her life, her book, which is aptly named ‘Nights in Pink Satin’.

Simran manages to complete the novel and release it anonymously. The book is a hit, and she finds herself between the family’s needs, her husband and his former girlfriend, who has returned and also the realisation, that her book is much wanted among her acquaintances.

Anita Shirodkar
Does Simran find her way out of the entire mess, and still come out with her head held high? Does she manage to push her in-laws to at least like her? Does Siddharth truly love her and is her book also a hit at her home, as well? Anita Shirodkar cooks up a tale of love, suspense and mystery.

Read up, ‘Nights in Pink Satin’ to discover the fast pace of not just the story and the view of a tale in the middle of Mumbai’s high society.

The story caught my interest about two chapters onwards and kept it going. Descriptions of both families and the differences were wonderfully brought out. I would say, give this book a read, for sure.

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