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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Book Review : ‘The Shivputra Chronicles : Tripurantaka' by Vikrant R Utekar

I have read quite a bit on mythology. And so, this book am guessing is probably at the right place. When I started reading, ‘The Shivputra Chronicles : Tripurantaka’, I did not expect too much. But it took me by surprise. Though it did not take me, too long to finish, (it was about 99 pages long, and it took me exactly 99 minutes to finish), and I finished with a smile.

The book started off, in pretty much today’s time and world. But it kind of takes you on a trip, into another world. If you are a follower of Percy Jackson’s adventures, then you would understandthat this one has a similar premise.
The three gods and their wives have their own heirs. We are dealing with Shiva’s heir, Chandrashekhar Kashyap or CK, as the main protagonist, supported by Shakti (Adishakti’s heir). The two of them also, have Vishnu and Brahma with their wives too. They also have gods like sun and wind and their heirs, among others.

They all have a mission, which is to exterminate evil from the earth. The villains in this episode include Alamvush and his brothers and include various other Rakshasas. Do they manage to defeat them and find out what would happen? What does happen in the twisted end? 

Vikrant R Utekar
It is not too difficult to guess who’s who, if you are in touch with mythology. They get their powers through meditations and their own strengths, which almost seem superhuman. I liked this book, basically, because it did not lecture us on mythology, and it managed to end in very few pages. I’m quite used to reading pages of mythology, but this one kind of had its own strength.

The editing could have been better. Good cover too. Am looking forward to more of the episodes, so here’s wishing Vikrant R Utekar, all the best…
Thanks to The Book Bakers for sending across this book.

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