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Friday, May 15, 2015

Writing and Yoga! One teaspoonful of both and mix well!

Yoga and writing. I was wondering what the connection was. I remember writing about Reading and Exercising, and I did feel a little more active when I first did both together. But, writing and Yoga, are another step altogether. 

I realised that I am not the only one who feels this way. In fact, this probably is a little late, coming. 

Yoga helps to quieten the mind. I do not mean that only with meditation, but just the fact that you can manage to complete an asana helps.  You stretch your mind, and with it you can stretch some ideas and creativity, as well. The practise of yoga, can sometimes be similar to writing. The whole concept of completing an asana and the concept of completing a story or article, could work. Perhaps, even work together. The idea is similar, one to exercise our muscles and the other to exercise out brain.

Yoga can be a relaxation technique, and so can writing. I did not see that happen, until I started to write with the thought of yoga. Or even, get an idea, while I was doing yoga. And use that very idea, and usually it turned out alright. :)

In the whole concept of helping us stretch further, it can help, allow us to stretch our thoughts, through our brain. The more you do yoga, the more we are stretching ourselves and with it, our brains too.

Yoga could also work to clear the mind, and work towards letting you understand certain ideas, better. Another use is what you can do, to avoid the pains. There could be eye strain, neck, should and arms, which trouble you. Or whatever part of the body it is, Yoga could help you relax, right there at your desk.
One other thing, yoga does for you, is that it helps stretch your time. I do not know how, but since I started doing yoga, I have become more relaxed and contemplative. Both of them help in their own way.

So, here’s to Yoga, for more ideas and brainwaves, and the power to remember…

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