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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Author Interview : Alex Rutherford, author of 'Empire of the Moghul : Traitors in the Shadows' (Part 2)

Read up, the Interview with Alex Rutherford (Part 2). In this section, they talk of the travel that they most enjoyed, how they covered the various facets of the book, what the most fulfilling part to the book was, and their next book, and also their favourite authors, and then a lot more, Folks...

What part of the travel with regard to this book did you enjoy and why?

Travelling south into the Deccan and in particular visiting the Aurangabad area and seeing Aurangzeb’s simple grave.

How much did the core idea need to be developed/enhanced?

Aurangzeb’s life and reign were so rich and full and eventful that the challenge was to choose, which events to concentrate on to maintain the narrative tension rather than having to enhance an already, very dramatic story.

Aurangazeb from Wikipedia
How did you cover so many facets?

Aurangzeb, like his predecessors, presided over a huge and complex empire. We thought it important to understand how the Moghul Empire functioned – for example, the role of its governors, how taxes and armies were raised, how generals and high officials were rewarded for success and punished for failure.

The sources provide considerable detail which, guided us through and helped us distil it for our readers so, it didn’t obstruct the story.

How much is based in fact, how much is fiction?

Like the previous five books in the series, this is an historical novel which, means that although the story is based on history the characters’ words, motivations and the detailed action are fictional.

We put words into a character’s mouth to represent what the character might have thought and said at the time. All the major events in the book actually happened and most of the characters have their origins in history. However, a few are composites of people who existed or entirely fictional.

At the back of the book we provided a very full historical note explaining what we have done.

What was the most fulfilling part of writing this book?

Feeling that we were really getting to grips with the character and complexities of Aurangzeb and bringing him to life.

We found a letter in which, Aurangazeb complained that his father Shah Jahan never loved him, which we think is key to understanding his character.

What book is coming from your desk next?

We’re just thinking about that. Watch this space. We may make an announcement soon …
William Boyd

Bill Bryson
Which books are we currently reading?

William Boyd’s new novel ‘Sweet Caress’ and Bill Bryson’s latest, ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’.

What else do you do on a daily basis?

We love theatre and cinema – just went to see the new James BondSpectre’ – and spending time with friends.

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