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Monday, November 09, 2015

Book Review : 'Destiny Decides.. : A tale of two hearts and one soul (The Destiny Series Book 1)' by PG Van

‘Destiny Decides.. : A tale of two hearts and one soul (The Destiny Series Book 1)’ by PG Van is not a typical tale, but some of its circumstances could definitely happen in our day to day lives. Sameera and Nethra are sisters, living in California. Their mother and stepfather are in Dallas, where they are working as cardiologists. This story is about Sameera, who is working in a technology firm, when one day, she comes into contact with a friend of hers, from the past. 

Her sister and her boyfriend, Srini who are also friends with Nikhil decide to set the two of them up. Actually, there was no need for the set up, because one can see the attraction between the two, at the very beginning. As things go, it works out well enough between the two, though one can see the doubts and hesitation, which Sameera goes through. 

Even stories, of the love she shares with her stepfather and her former boyfriend, and also her dance performances, and her modelling career, all make an appearance at all different times, in the novel.

At Nikhil’s place, we are put through a fairly happy household, and how Nick manages to have Sameera fall for him. He even declares his love for her. Even Nick’s parents have a liking for Sameera, as does his entire family. His mother however, has a heart problem, which Nick has to deal with.

Their love is accepted by Sameera’s parents too and also, her mother reveals to her that she had had a crush on Nikhil. Sameera and Nikhil had always shared a friendship, and they had met again after many years. As the story reveals itself, one reads about how the two reacquainted. 

Was this story just as simple as it seems? Or did the two of them have something else to deal with? Are both of them meant for each other and will they get together in the end? And when Sameera decides to head for India, as her grandmother is hospitalised, the questions on their love are raised again.

The story is a fairly simple one, though one hopes that one could have seen some stress of the mystery, in between. Also, there really is nothing to ask for, as you can read about the love and the sex between the two of them. I personally felt it was a little over the top, especially the sex bit. But for people who hope for the best in life and love, this story is your best bet. Also, there are  few grammatical errors, in between. Not too many, but there they are. And there is more of the story is more to come too.

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‘Destiny Decides.. : A tale of two hearts and one soul (The Destiny Series Book 1)

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