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Monday, November 02, 2015

Book Review : 'The Story Catcher Children : Suraya’s Gift' by Malavika Nataraj

When I first got this book, ‘The Story Catcher Children : Suraya’s Gift’, I was thrilled, because it seemed like a book about me! The story was about a little girl, Suraya with all the imagination, she would ever need. She lives with her parents and brother. She also has a special friend, who gifts her, the book of imagination.

This book is kind of special in its own way. With magic tucked up its sleeve, this book is a story catcher. It has a habit of making dreams come true. But not in the way, you would think. 

Aunty Lila had bought the book from a distant land. The story catcher has a story too. How Aunty Lila found her and bought the book from her city,  and the book, which had its own supernatural powers are all part of this story.

So, we go off on an adventure the first time, when Suraya comes up with something to write. And whatever she wrote would turn into an odd kind of reality. And that is how we find Suraya, suddenly with red hair, and then how she also manages to get a little baby at  the window! How she accidentally manages to get a mean boy into a bottle throwing incident, and finally ends up getting scared and put away the story catcher's book!

Now, begins another incident wherein, the story catcher pays her a visit and takes her to meet more story catcher children. This book is definitely an adventure, with its mini stories and funny adventures. It makes for good reading for kids and adults too, if you are ready to take off into your imagination. And this is how, we are to discover more stories, told to us  by author, Malavika Nataraj, who plans to tell us more more of the dream catcher's stories, in the future.

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