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Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review : '1000 Kilograms of Goa' by Rohan Govenkar

1,000 Kilograms of Goa’ by Rohan Govenkar is probably just what I needed.  And no, unlike what the book sounds like, am not talking of drugs, at all. It is not only a good suspense and a police-robber story, but it also has some love and friendship, involved as well. 

The first part is kind of bad start to the story, and I would ask the reader not to judge the book by its prologue. Probably, because you don’t hear of it again. 

So, I am starting off from the first chapter, which began on 13th December 2010 with a broken hearted hero, Ashwin. He does not want too much to do with his ex-Russian girlfriend, Ekaterina because she did con him. And with a drug deal, which needs to be left suspenseful, for now.

Ashwin is looking forward to a reunion with a few friends and they arrive in Goa, with a fiancée and sister in tow. Iftikar and his fiancée Maya, who unfortunately is from Kazakhastan (whom Ashwin currently dislikes, because of its close proximity to Russia) Bhavesh, Pratik and his sister, Priya are the guests in Goa.

Pratik and Priya have a mystery up their sleeve, which they do not want to reveal in front of Maya. The mystery involves the gang, who has to go treasure hunting in Goa. The story that goes back a few generations up to a time, in Goa when the ancestors of Pratik and Priya, left behind a treasure and the mystery remained unsolved and the treasure unfound. This story is told and revealed to Maya, as well, thanks to a love-struck Ifti.

All the treasure hunters have been promised a share by Pratik and Priya, provided they find it and keep it. So, the mystery hunt begins.

They manage to find the treasure, lose it, and again find out a few traces about it, get themselves involved with drug dealers and cops. There is also Ashwin and Priya, who find themselves in love, and the group gets conned by Maya, much to Ifti’s heartbreak.

Finally, do they find the treasure and keep it? Also, how will the lovers cope? Will they have the drug dealers off their backs or will they get involved with the cops? All this in 10 days!

And how does the reunion give the readers something else to look forward to the next time they are in Goa? In this entire brilliant rigmarole, there are times when a reader can get confused, and there are a few grammatical errors too. But, not for long and not too many mistakes.
The mysterious history of Goa, the history books involved, all add to the twists and turns of this story. Rohan Govenkar has debuted, with a bang and we now, officially have another adventure writer, in our midst. 

You can Read the book '1000 Kilograms of Goa', right here.
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