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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Comment Away!!

While I do appreciate most of you readers, I hope you will not take any offense to what am going to write. I hope that you would take it in the right sense… 

The reason behind a blog could be a personal feeling or well, an impersonal discussion. If it’s going to be public, then I am inviting comments on the same.

Comments should be given, thoughts expressed. And I mean from you, dear reader (I hope, who will stay) … So bring them on, your Comments, your Curses and well, bring on the love :)
And not on FB or Twitter, or whatever else the sites used to publicise the blog. A blog has a comments section wherein you must comment… So, I hope you do… because I’d hate to lose most of you and would love to see the comments whether you like what you read or not…
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