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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 'Foot in the Cycle' Syndrome??

When I was a kid, I remember all the time I would let my imagination get the better of me. Oh boy, what a time it was! It takes one away. It does have the habit. It would wrap me up and pull me into my dreams. I had heard of the foot in the mouth syndrome, but I had problems with the foot in the cycle syndrome.

Once, I was headed for school. I was barely 5, and I had insisted that I sit at the back of the bicycle. In spite of the fact that a classy red seat was put in the front for me... 

The poor chap, who used to ride and put me down at school each day, was not too keen. But I insisted, and he let me ride at the back. 

And then imagination took over. I was gone. There I sat enjoying the bike ride, as we rode past my dad’s office, and I had slipped into my dream… And then, just outta the blue, I felt something poking at the back of my foot.

I looked down at it, and was just about to forget all about it, since my excellent imagination was taking me away, when I noticed that my foot had gone into the spokes of the bicycle tyre.

I burst out crying and then the guy who was riding the bike decided to stop it. I cried and cried enough to have everybody on the road surround the bike. The whole incident took about 2 minutes.

I thought that the confusion I created was enough to take me back home. But no, that was not the biker’s plan of action. He took me to my school. I was planning to read comics and probably even play a game… but no, that wasn’t the biker’s plan now, was it??

He had to take me to school, and I watched the teachers crowd around me and quickly bandage my foot. Rather well, I must say... So, there I was back in the crummy school, when I had planned an afternoon off. 

Anyway, there ends my story of my imagination, which did take me away… and kept doing it for many years to come. 

I cannot tell you the number of times I had planned my imagination, what I would think of, how it would take place, and what would be the end of it. All planned and ready, during all the boring times in class, at functions and during lectures. Imagination was my first love.
And that was how Nap Time Adventures came about. It is called Nap Time because that is exactly the time I had used for them… the time between 1pm and 3 pm. But I had never known that it would end up as a book. All those years of imagination... It’s hard work too, because this book definitely isn’t the end of my imagination...

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