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Friday, May 10, 2013

Write soon but Edit sooner!!

Writing a children’s book turned out to be one of the most interesting things that I have ever done. But the editing, the never-ending editing is taking forever. Firstly, it never lets you have a nap in peace. That’s funny because that’s what my book is called. ‘The Nap Time Adventures’.

You are always thinking of how the story must end, can end or could end. If you notice my confusion, it could give you an idea, of how my story editing went. I loved the writing process. An idea came and I sat with it and the story flowed. Words and grammar etched in my mind, they were. It seemed so simple.

But then, my story writing was not the end. The editing seemed to take longer. It took forever. I noticed enough errors, to make me want to stop writing. Structural and grammatical were they!! A story built on certain ideas, especially when it is a child’s imagination that one has to write about. It is amazing the things I thought of, my imagination seemed to have no bounds, whatsoever then…

It seemed to make sense then, why was it not making the same sense now? As a child, I would walk across the paths barefoot, but now I cannot seem to take a step, afraid I am of the rough rocks and thorns.

As a child, I did not mind the wounds I came home with. But now, I seem to… I had no sense of time, or feeling or mood! I was liberated every single day. I would not feel cold or hot, then. Now, the summer heat never seems to stop and the air conditioner gets too chilly. 

But right now, I feel the need to have the same sense of feeling I did, then… Non-Feeling… Because I feel that kind of a non-feeling is necessary when I edit. No attachment, no fondness. Nothing but plain, cold non – feeling. 

Writing and editing are inseparable. If you write, perhaps it would make more sense if you could edit it within a day or two. Or you might just get stuck, thinking … some more… and more.

And sometimes that will not make any sense. Do I make any sense now?? :)

Next Time: Why Nap Time Adventures??

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