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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Why writing for those little ones is tougher than you think…

My first few stories were not for kids, actually they weren’t for anybody. I just about ended up writing a little and sent them off to a website, which was nice enough to like and appreciate them. And publish them!!

My writing spree stopped with me getting a job as a journalist, and so the writing went on and off for the next few years. I began again, writing up to forty stories. Not for kids or adults. I guess I thought they would do. Anyways, after receiving a few rejections, dejected I began reading about these authors who’ve had to deal with the rejection tag. And counting the same, I began guessing I would need a few more rejection letters before my book would actually get published, until…

I was lucky enough to receive a mail from a certain editor, where she actually read my stories and sent me some feedback, at least. I jumped up and down as if she had agreed to give me the Pulitzer… 

I was happy that she had read it, and had a little something to say. So, now I’ve begun again… my first book of short stories for kids is almost ready. We’ve got to see, how it goes this time…

Few tips:

Kids are the toughest creatures to write for.
They are neither simple minded nor silly.
They do not just like pink flowers nor tiny cricket balls.
They are people with an excellent imagination.
They probably can’t add as well as you do, but definitely know how to put two and two together.
They do not enjoy it when you talk down to them.
They would appreciate an illustration or two, so they can check if your childish fantasy matches their sense of imagination.
They have a better sense of humour than you do.
Just because they don’t laugh their shoes off, does not mean they don’t get your joke. It just means that it wasn’t a joke in the first place.
So, with these thoughts, I will close this page. And get back to ahem…writing…

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