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Monday, September 15, 2014

Book Review : ‘The Final Report' by Monabi Mitra

I seem to be reading a little too much of the police books. Have you ever noticed how that happens? When one begins a book, one is inevitably stuck with them. Anyways, coming back to this book. 

Monabi Mitra’s latest ‘The Final Report’ is the final book of the DSP Bikram Chatterjee series. It could easily have been a Salman Khan or even an Ajay Devgan’s movie, but it isn’t. Though, when I saw the cover that is what I thought.

This book is a true whodunit. The scene opens with six policemen, staring up seven floors, from where a human crashes on the ground before them. It is quickly found that the girl who fell off the Mission Row Police Housing Complex was called Radha Paul. A fact, reported by her roommate who comes into the police station, looking for her.

That does not seem to be all this time for the police. Elsewhere, there are two criminals who seem to have a new plan every few days. And then, we have a bit of wildlife poaching and the theft of antiques. Are these random crimes across the city connected? If so, how? 

Managing three different cases are Bikram Chatterjee and his associates, a few senior and mostly junior ones. If one wants to get a glimpse of how harrowing and busy police work can get, one should definitely give this book a read.

Also, Bikram has his own personal life to deal with. Shona is a film star who seems to be at the scene of the crime, because her boyfriend, Bikram lives there. And we look like we are dealing with the mystery and murder turning into a movie.

How the book reaches its end, how Bikram finds out what happened to all the crimes 
and how he meets strangers and people related to the crimes are all part of this absorbing read. Monabi Mitra’s book, ‘The Final Report’ has all the parts. If one gets bored, read on, because the end makes it all worth the while.

Author: Monabi Mitra
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin MetroReads
ISBN: 978-0-143-41762-0
Price: Rs 199/-

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