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Monday, September 08, 2014

Book Review : ‘Under Delhi' by Sorabh Pant

'Under Delhi' is a wickedly funny book. This review is not as long as I thought it might be.  So, let us begin...t

Tanya Bisht could be your everyday girl, except she chooses not to be. Breaking away from the straight forward norm, is this girl. She works for a builder, who has a part in this story. He is very nasty, that will have to do for now…

But by night, she is the vigilante for the wronged female. Aided by a person simply known as Soniaji, she gets at the men who have wrongly gotten off from the law.

It reads kind of like ‘Arrow’, does it not? Anyway, Tanya, as the story moves on, we find out the she is not the orphan that she is thought out to be. And, neither is she as helpless. And it is almost hilarious, how she insults certain nasty folks.

As she gets caught with the bad men, it takes her best choices and her aids to get out of the situation. Oh, might as well, add that there are love stories, in all this mess, though not as peaceful, as you might think.

How she gets to the complications that is her life, her parents but manages to stay with her vigilante work for the story. She gets to Delhi, from Delhi, over and under it with the utmost wicked kind of charm. 

Author: Sorabh Pant
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 978-93-5009-809-7
Price: Rs 299/-

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