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Friday, September 19, 2014

Ruskin Bond... An Adventurer in his Own Right!

I had no idea what love was. I still do not have an idea, but if Ruskin Bond’s books are anything to go by, then I can say that I have been in love, with the idea of it, at least. I’m not talking of a guy.

It could by my grandfather or my grandmother. It could be my mother or my father and even my uncles, aunts and random people. Or places, especially, hill stations. But the thing is whenever, I pick up a book by the great writer, I usually have a smile on my face until I put it down.

A smile, which began the first time I picked up his book, the time when I received a book autographed by him, the first time I wrote a letter to him, and the first time I reviewed his book, wondering if I could. The first time, I laid my eyes on him. There he was all white and pink, with a smile playing on his lips, ready to break into laughter.

I cannot forget that he had come to Hyderabad and was seated about a store space away from the place I was standing, all those years back in 2005. I could not go, because I had children blocking me. Not just one or two but a whole lot. But then I was glad, just to see him.

Now there is a talk of talking to him, I hope it works. 

I am always reminded of him every time we are at a hill station. Or on a holiday. The trees, the flowers, the birds, the zoo, the elephants on nature hikes, the elephants across the river. Every time, I read a book of his or just about any book, I think of writing a book, with the only idea of meeting him.

I wrote a short story, the first thing I thought of was him. Every time, I write one, I think of him. Not to be compared, obviously not, but still. I keep wishing for a time when I can meet him or at least talk to him… Well, I could go on and on!! :)

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