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Friday, April 24, 2015

A day of Story Telling @ 'Easy Library, Hyderabad'

It all happened one fine day, when I wanted a library near my home. And surprisingly for me, there it was! And so, ‘Easy Library, Hyderabad’ made its way into my life. And with it, came a few options. 

Firstly, I realised that if I ever tire of my writing job; which requires me to receive books and write reviews or interviews and just about stretch the creative writing bone in my body, I would now have an extra option.

I can just read, as casually as I can. And in this library for kids and grown-ups, I do not have to write reviews or do any of the other stuff, either. 

So, ‘Easy Library, Hyderabad’ has made my life easier. So, one fine day, when I visited the library, the centre head, Richa C Srivastava even offered me another way to push my creative bone, a little further. I asked her if I could read to the kids, who came to her library.
The Very Busy Spider

And she said yes, I could. (Many ‘Yiippeeess’ and ‘Yaayyss’, later) I got to read my first two stories. Nervous days led to the day, 12th April, 2015. And there I was, a little nervous, to hold my first ever ‘Story Telling Session’. It was going to be all about Bugs and Farm animals!
What the Ladybird Heard

The stories were Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Busy Spider’ and Julia Donaldson’s ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. 

Ooh boy, this would be fun! So, with tips from a school teacher, my ex-boss and Richa, there I was all set to read out the stories to the little ones.

I do not know how many of the tips I remembered, but I do recall the busy and naughty kids, who were all set to listen in. So, together we all found out about the spider’s busyness and the ladybird’s plans. We also got to find out if the spider managed to finish her web and the ladybird managed to uncover the mysterious plot, amidst all the oinks on that Sunday morning at ‘Bug-gy Morning at EasyLib’. 

We all sat down and had fun with the stories, thanks to the help of a cow, a horse, a pig, even a duck and a goose and an oinking pigs and a maaaing goat, among all the others at the farm.

The kids seemed to enjoy it, if I am allowed to say that. Best of luck for another day’s set of stories, both for me and the kids, who sit around me. Not quietly, though, so 'Much clucking, quaking, woof - woofing and meowing to all of us'. And then, I made my way out, clucking all the way home…
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