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Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review : ‘The Dreamer ' by Vivek Jain

‘The Dreamer’ by author, Vivek Jain is of a teenager’s love tale or much rather, the story of his infatuation. So, it starts off with the author putting forward his thoughts.

So, you actually read about him seeing a girl in the school days and falling head over heels for her. His obsession for the girl remains through the years and the efforts that he makes to get in touch with her, and stay in touch with her, as well. He manages to contacget in touch with her and what follows gives the book, a much wanted finish.

Basically, the protagonist’s intense feeling for the girl in question and the repercussions that follow take up the remaining 200 odd pages. The story runs at a really slow pace, has no understanding of characters and reads probably, like a diary. Or a diary full of mistakes.

I, honestly did not see too much of editing time taken for this book. No points to the proof-reader, at all.  The book seemed to have a lot of mistakes and the spacing errors could not be counted.

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