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Monday, April 06, 2015

Book Review : ‘The Mime Order ' by Samantha Shannon

Here we go again. ‘The Mime Order’ brings back Samantha Shannon, into view again. She said she would write a six book series and I was wondering how she could write more, and she has answered me in second part of the series.

Paige Mahoney is up and running in this series, literally. She has managed to get out of Sheol 1 with Warden and the Seven Seals’ help. Warden though, seems to be missing. Paige soon realises that some of Sheol’s fugitives, whom she had escaped with are missing, and she has become Scion’s number 1 fugitive.

She returns to London, and straight into the long spread arms of the mime-lord Jaxon Hall, who seemed almost happy to have his mollisher back in place. If that is confusing, then one might be interested in checking out My Review of The Bone Season .

Clairvoyants in 2059 continue to be hunted by the Scion rule. Still under the protection of the Rephaim is the puppet government in London.

Moving all across the city, Paige tries her best to unite the consortium against the rule. She wants to caution them of Warden’s betrothed Nashira Sargas and Rephaim’s plans. She wants to find a way to revolt against them. But, she must remain in hiding in London, since she happens to be the top most fugitive. She must do so, all the while working for Jaxon Hall and his group, the Seven Seals.

With the help from a few of the fugitives and even the partial help from the Nick and the Seven Seals, she tries to do it under her mime lord’s eyes. She also miraculously finds Warden, but he is not the same he was, earlier.

She struggles to find and keep her own. Can she manage to hold on to the revolt, can she find the money she needs for the job at hand, can she keep her liking for Warden, and her enmity against Nashira and the Rephaim in place? Whom can she trust and who, not?

Samantha Shannon
Shannon has her way with words. I am, as usual fascinated with her play of words and her amazing ability of managing to join the plot against the twists and turns, she manages to rake up. There is, of course the confusion and the readers’ inability to understand what is going on, at first, but it all comes together in the end. The restless wait to move forward is felt in the middle of the book, but if we get through those pages, then it all moves forwards again, briskly.

I can totally understand the anxious wait, which the readers must have, towards the third book. Trust me, you will want to read it…

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