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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Editor Interview : Pooja Dadwal, Associate Commissioning Editor, Fingerprint! Publishing - Part 2

Pooja Dadwal
This is the continuing part of the exciting Pooja Dadwal's Interview. Here, she tells us what you would need to be a good editor, the challenging aspects of her work, and the exciting books that are expected to come through from Fingerprint! Publishing. 

Plus, there is a bit about the best books she has ever read. So, what are you waiting for? Read up, Folks...

What are the main skills an editor would need to do their job well?

You have to be a nurturer, first and foremost. To be able to take someone else’s baby as your own and then give it back, and then do it all over again with another book, requires magnanimity of heart and spirit. I have come to believe that editing is akin to motherhood. 

It requires patience. Being a voracious reader also helps.  And I take it as a given, that they are grammar nerds and Nazis.
    What sorts of project(s) are most likely to get an okay from you?

All work can be broadly divided into two parts: exceptional stories and exceptionally told stories. There is a third zone where the two merge and you get magic, but that’s to be found seldom.

I am always on the lookout for the third one, but that, as I mentioned, is a tough nut to crack. So, besides that, anything that falls in the first two categories, works.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

Since I am always working on multiple projects, it becomes a bit of a challenge to take myself out of one project and then immerse in the other. 

In the sense that it takes some time to reorient myself with the aesthetics and the mood of the various stories, I am working on.

Like shifting from a hard core murder mystery to a romance title and then to a political thriller to a bunch of essays... I am constantly juggling.

What are you editing now?

A book of essays on pop culture by a noted film critic, a tale of love, romance, and growing-up by an advertising professional, a couple of crime thrillers, to name a few.

Majid Rafizadeh
Could you tell us about some of your upcoming titles? 

Sure. In the coming months, we will be bringing out an anthology of essays titled ‘Name Place Animal Thing’ by Mayank Shekhar, a non-fiction title, ‘Why God Hates Women’ by Majid Rafizadeh, a political scientist and Harvard scholar. This one’s a real-life account of the hardships the author and his mother faced, and the situation of women in Islamic countries, while they lived in Syria.

And then we have a sublime love story, which will enchant anyone who reads it.

What are your top three favourite books?

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