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Friday, April 17, 2015

Writing, Reading and the correct Ergonomic Chair... A match made in heaven!

School Desks
When I first started writing, and I mean really, writing, I never realised the importance of having a good chair. Of course, in schools we always had those wooden chairs and desks, and in colleges we had chairs with boards attached to them. But, no purpose was really served.

College Chairs
After I got out of college and into a workplace, I had a really uncomfortable looking ergonomic chair. (I used to love the whole idea of a bed, and would hit the bed, straightaway, after work to rest my back.)

After, this I got into writing from home, as I chose the ‘work from home’ option.  At first, I thought this was better because I had my bed to hit, which was much closer now.

But then, I decided to actually invest in a good ergonomic chair, because I noticed my back, giving away. I have a desk, and next to nothing on it. 

Office Chairs
I guess, getting a good ergonomic chair did it for me. I have excellent back and neck rests and good lumbar support, as well. It supports the lower and upper back, and adjusts superbly to the curve in my lower back too.

And the arm rests are brilliant. Because the chair is a wide one, they give enough space to move and, rest both my arms on the armrests. Sometimes, even on the inside of the chair. It is also wide enough to allow me to shift slightly from side to side. And the soft comfortable material on my chair is also used on the armrests, as well.

The controls of the chair also allow me to adjust the chair, according to my needs. If there is a time, I am just sitting in the chair and reading a book, it usually serves the purpose of letting me sit back, in a well-balanced position. The angle remains helpful to the change in position.

The best thing is that it not deeply contoured or too soft. Oh, and one thing : Always go, try it out, leave it behind in the store and come back the next day. Try it the next day and then only, make the purchase.

And do be ready to spend a little, because it will serve the purpose of being your lifetime support. Oh, read and write well, too! :)

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