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Friday, December 04, 2015

Author Interview : PG Van, author of 'Destiny Decides' (Part 1)

PG Van

Read up, PG Van’s Author of ‘Destiny Decides’ Interview (Part 1). Here she describes the journey of how the whole thing happened, how the core of the story came about, how the characters are related to lives today and much more Folks…

How did ‘Destiny Decides’ happen? Could you describe the journey?

‘Destiny Decides…’ happened as a result of pure destiny. I thought about the initial version of the story, while I was on my way to work.

It was purely driven by my thoughts around, how hard it would be to get in touch with a long lost friend, as I had lost touch with a few of my friends from school.

How did the story, especially Sameera’s and Nikhil’s come about? Did you have a lot of personal experiences to go with it?

This is a story that came about from my thoughts and imagination but I did add a few of the incidents that were my personal experiences.

The driving force was how amazing it is when two friends that have lost all contact, meet again after many years.

I attempted to elevate that experience by adding mutual attraction, between the characters.

What according to you is different about your book?

At its core, the book highlights that destiny decides who you meet in life. The book portrays the strong emotions and internal conflicts that people have to resolve when two people, that are destined to be togther, fall in love.

I feel that the plot is simple enough for people to see the characters as real people and connect to the story. I am a strong believer in families being part of a couple’s relationship, in some form or the other and showed how critical family is for a couple’s relationship, to be successful.

In short, it is a heat warming story with pure romance and just a hint of mystery that would want my readers to read and enjoy my current and future books.

How would you relate the lives of characters to the lives today? Any similarities?
Absolutely! My goal was to write a story that most of my readers can relate to and added the right balance of extravagant lifestyle that some of us dream and hope to have someday.

As one of my readers mentioned, the experinces of Indian families and individuals in the San Francisco bay area was something that they liked and enjoyed.

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