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Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Review : 'Shakti : The Divine Feminine' by Anuja Chandramouli

Shakti : The Divine Feminine’ by Anuja Chandramouli put me back, a little. Firstly, it is nothing like the first or second books. I felt that Kamadeva had its own charm that Arjuna never did. Putting this book, on par would probably be a mistake. 

‘Shakti : The Divine Feminine' was actually a superb subject, and I thought that perhaps the author had now gripped on to the mythological ways of authors. But, she still seems to be lagging behind, a little. 

Firstly, ‘Shakti’ does not talk so much about her, in particular, but her various shades and reincarnations. She begins with Brahma's character and how he evolves into someone, who is so fascinated with himself and his powers, which ultimately, does not meet with a happy end.

It moves on to Usas, the goddess of dawn. It talks of how Usas was troubled and figuratively put to death by Sachi, Indra’s wife. Between the reincarnations and the gods, it just gets more and more confusing. And at this point, the entire story takes a twist, when the reader is beginning to wonder, why Sachi and Indra, took over the book literally, for quite a few pages.

Anuja Chandramouli
We now, are at Usas’ revival and the coming of Durga. Durga’s arrival could not be diminished probably because it was her power, and her strength, which resulted in the destruction of Mahishasura. How his end is met, and how Durga takes over most of the world, since she managed to destroy someone, which none of the male gods of the heavens were able to defeat.  Then, is the arrival of Kali. Kali’s coming is juxtaposed to Shakti’s. Her dark power is superlatively on par, with Shakti’s.

The book does not have a single minded plot. It goes here and there, but eventually comes back to Shakti. Shakti, of course had so many reincarnations, that I guess, it must have been difficult to put it all under one roof. Overall, I guess it starts well and ends well, but I really cannot say too much about the story, as such. Except for Durga.

Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, are all parts of Shakti. As are Usas, Durga, and Kali, among so may others. Read Shakti, if you want the details, of the one who had it all. So many emotions and distinct characters are all in this one character. She is after all, Shakti.

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