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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Book Review : 'Super Zero and the Grumpy Ghosts' by Jane De Suza

SuperZero and the Grumpy Ghosts’ by Jane De Suza is the second of the very popular SuperZero series. The book is about Super Zero, who is nothing like his name. He is a super hero but a little tiny in size, and he has a town full of his buddy super heroes and heroines. 

Okay firstly, let me tell you a little about the super hero’s family. His parents have none of his qualities, but his grandfather sure does, but more on that bit, a little later. So, SuperZero soon finds himself in a puddle, a puddle full of ghosts. Ghosts, who have taken over a mall and do some of the nuttiest things, you ‘cannot’ imagine. 

They are busy robbing the place, of wigs, mannequins and sunglasses! They also have ghosts, who seem to be afraid of ghosts, ghosts, who are busy wearing sarees, and even an old man, who is the first man to discover that they can be seen by SuperZero. The ghosts, who cannot be seen, were having fun until then. It all happened, thanks to SuperZero’s grandfather’s glasses. If you wear them, then you can see ghosts, and that is what SuperZero was doing.

But, none of the ghosts want to stay behind either. They are here, because all of them are stuck on earth, and still have some work they have to finish. So, they get SuperZero to help. SuperZero and his buddies, like Vamp Iyer, Tara RumPum, Anna Conda, Blank and even Slime Joos get to work. None of these guys can see the ghosts, but most of them are willing to help send the ghosts away.

Will they succeed in this? Will they send the ghosts, Sonya, Bops, Riz and Boo on their way? Will SuperZero manage to get all their acts together? Does he find a way to do this? Will they finally leave the mall and even SuperZero’s house?

All this and much more are answered in this fairly funny book. Fairly funny because, I felt it could have been funnier, if it wasn’t so very silly. Parts of this book got very stupid, and I grew tired of reading it, but at the same time, they were some parts which were ‘howl’arious.

The illustrator Jit Chowdhury, deserves a mention too, as his work is rib-tickling in its own way.          

You can get a copy of  'Super Zero and the Grumpy Ghosts', right here

Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 9780143333968
Price: Rs 199/-


 You can get a a copy of 'Super Zero and the Grumpy Ghosts', right here

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