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Monday, December 21, 2015

Book Review : 'The Third Day : Dwapara Yuga' by Harshita Vallem

The Third Day – Dwapara Yuga’ by Harshita Vallem starts off with the hows and whats of Lord Brahma’s life, with this book being placed in the Dwapara Yuga. Brahma’s life is equal to 4.32 billion years, with 71 Divya -Yugas, and every Divya -Yuga, divided into four Yugas, Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali. Brahma created eleven Prajapathis and seven Saptarishis, who known as the Manas Putras.

In the first millionth year, of the Dwapara Yuga – the Tala Pata Grandas or the holy scripts were opened and they predicted that many an unpleasant thing would happen. 

And it moves on to King Drona and his kingdom, Kanyakumari. It is under attack by people known as the Dead-Walkers. That is pretty much it. I did not understand this book, nor can I say that I actually enjoyed it. After Parama, who takes over from Drona and leads his people on to victory, it got very confusing for me.

Firstly, one cannot put ***** and expect people to understand that, it would be another section, in the chapter. So, I could see the confusion reigning. It got worse with the ***** symbol.

Secondly, I have never heard of the origin of centaurs. Only heard of them in stories of fantasy, but definitely never, in mythology. And the names were kind of weird too. Not heard of Elkser and no one known as HE. Also, there seems to be an introduction of a new character, every now and then, a little too much and too soon in this book.

In fact, I was almost glad that she gave us a recap towards the end. Otherwise, I do not think, I would have understood anything. All I can say is, if anyone has the patience to write a book on mythology, one should manage to place the points, properly and correctly. Whether, we think that they are true or not would also depend on the way, in which the author has written them.

I may not be an expert on mythology, but I think I can at least see a good book and a not so good one. So, it is with much regret, that I hope that this author’s sequel, manages to get things right, next time around.

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