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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Teacher's Day of Storytelling @ 'Easy Library, Hyderabad'

Another morning, this time it was a week before Teachers' Day. And so, as Teachers' Day was on schedule, the ‘Easy Library, Hyderabad’ decided to have a storytelling and a craft session, for the kids. It was called, ‘Dear Teacher, With Love’.

I had two teachers' stories with me, ‘The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon’ and ‘Miss Nelson has a Field Day’. So, I had kids who seemed fairly excited. Sports are different from classes, are they not? :)

Anyway, the first book, I read to the kids, was ‘The Gym Teacher from Black
Lagoon’ and it happened to be a book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It spoke of a little boy, Hubie on his way to school. Hubie is pretty nervous, as he has to go for a gym class, with a new teacher, who would train the kids at school.

He is really scared, as he thinks that the teacher would look very huge, with green hair, all over his body and is known as 'Coach Kong'. He is also known for making the kids run around everywhere, and play weird games, like jump over a horse, or play dodge ball with his truck chasing after them, and actually ‘pick up’ the truck. Hubie is really worried about the entire set up…

Would he survive the class, and pick up the truck? Would he play ball and not run around the world? With these questions in mind, I read on. Author Mike Thaler and illustrator Jared Lee were responsible, for this book being a success.

We moved to ‘Miss Nelson had a Field Day’. In this one, we are introduced to lazy kids at school, who refuse to play football as they believe that they would lose, anyway. So, they never win a single game, that year.

Their coach falls sick with measles, and they have a new substitute teacher. Known as Miss Swamp, the substitute teacher puts them all in place. She trains them to kick, run around, and basically whipped to shape. Harry Allard is the author and James Marshall is the illustrator of this book! Incidentally, both author and illustrator are the same person, but he writes and illustrates with different names.

All the kids at ‘Easy Library, Hyderabad’ were jumping around and asking questions. And coming up with their stories, of how they would react to new teachers coming to class or sports teachers training them. A few stories on substitute teachers, too. 

The kids were excited and I kept remembering, what a weird time I had when I went to class, in all the different schools, I went to! Scary!!

And so, my session ended, and I was happy to turn the class over to a craft making session. This time, a greeting card making one, handled by Sasirekha Srinivas! They made some cool cards too, as you can see…

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