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Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review : 'Kalki Evian : The Ring of Khaoriphea’ by Malay Upadhyay

Kalki Evian : The Ring of Khaoriphea’ by Malay A Upadhyay is an oddly interesting work. Why I say, odd is because if you are opening it as, just another book, then you could be in trouble. But, it is very thought-provoking and how much, is something I cannot explain, but will try.

It all began as a time travel story, but it never tends to cease there. It just gets odder. Firstly, with its theme of ‘what you put out there, you will get back’. So, the story or stories run their course, based on this theme. 

(The best thing, I felt was the entire future evolution. I mean there are certain parts, which I had imagined and it was amazing to read that very thought of mine in this book. But of course, Upadhyay’s imagination is way past mine.)

Since, the part about how evolution does not just happen to us, but to the entire generation itself. I mean everything is suddenly in a futuristic era. Only this time, of course, you would be in the futuristic Milano in Italy and go to Etna and land up in the Himalayas, following the central character who, lives through two completely different generations. 

Also, anything you do, would not have the same result and every decision you make, would probably have a result in the distant future, if at all. So, the central idea is that we must all break free from our presumptions of time and space. So, whatever and however it is, it is okay.

The advances made by the society, the different results which the characters could land up in, whether it is Qin or Kanha Evian or Friuli or Fridgeon, are all central characters, which it all happens to. Through all these themes are running these characters, and their adventures. How their lives are, how they could be and how they could possibly end up, are all various themes of the book.

The two separate stories which, eventually join, is definitely made for a good, solid read. Of course, the whole thing can get a little confusing but of the 2-3 reads, some parts took, Upadhyay’s second book, am sure would make it all clear?

I am definitely recommending it, because I definitely want to give it another read, soon. Beam me up, Malay Upadhyay because I am looking forward to the second one, too.

If you all want a link to the book, its right here... http://www.amazon.in/Kalki-Evian-Khaoriphea-Malay-Upadhyay/dp/1625261888/  or you can look for the book, here as well, Kalki Evian : The Ring of Khaoriphea
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