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Monday, September 07, 2015

Book Review : 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake

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We are just a week away from Roald Dahl’s Day. And since, this year, I am going to do a few things related to dear ol’ Mr. Dahl on Sruti’s BookBlog. We are going to do a review this week, about ‘The Magic Finger’, then on September 13th, which is  next Sunday, which is Roald Dahl's Day, we are doing a storytelling on another one his books on Roald Dahl Day at Easy Library, Hyderabad. There are a few other secrets too... 

The Magic Finger
So, in this one, we have the review of ‘The Magic Finger’. First thing about Roald Dahl is, he makes me smile. :) So, when I firstly saw the book, it contained an illustration of a little girl pointing upwards, and with her finger all golden, as if to show a spark coming off it. So, I wondered how Mr Dahl and illustrator, Quentin Blake could get me laughing this time round. So, I read on…

The story begins with a little girl, who is eight years old, who lives on a farm. Her neighbours are eight year old Philip and eleven year old William, who live on the farm next door with their parents, Mr and Mrs Gregg.

All the three kids are good friends, except on Saturdays, when the Greggs, go hunting with their father.  Even the little boys have guns and they are off to shoot birds and animals. One Saturday, the little girl tries to stop the Greggs from going on their hunting trip. And they should have listened to her because she has a fairly big secret…

The little girl is the owner of a magic finger, which she almost never, intentionally uses. The magic finger is something which, she promises herself not to use, like she happened to, on her teacher, Mrs Winter.

Mrs Winter happened to ask her to spell cat, and the girl spelt it as ‘kat’, 
putting Mrs Winter in a temper. But poor Mrs Winter had no clue that the magic finger would be used on her. Mrs Winter ended up with whiskers growing out of her face and cats’ ears and a bushy tail. And the funniest thing is she never got better!

So, whenever the little girl gets mad, her forefinger begins to tingle and lo and behold, a spark comes out of it. She was so mad at the Greggs that she happened to use it on them, as well. She did not even know what would happen to the Greggs.

The Greggs come home that day with sixteen dead birds and four live ones, which refused to stop following them. They come home and go to sleep for the night, only to wake up in the morning with duck wings. Things move fast, as they discover they are meant to live as birds and be hunted down too!

By four huge birds, who have decided to take over their house, and everything in it! The best part is, the guns too have been taken over by the birds and the Greggs happens to see them, carrying and pointing them at the Greggs.

Quentin Blake
What would happen now? Were the guns to be used on the Greggs? The little girl, who is the owner of the magic finger comes in and discovers the whole scene, the next day…

It is a fun book, with all the lessons it had to teach the folks, who happen to take out guns and shoot at innocent creatures. It is very exciting, as you are compelled to turn the pages. One can see how the events unfold and how they work for the little girl and the ducks. It is an amazing story, and does the job for kids and adults, too.

The best part is not just the story, but the illustrations too. Quentin Blake does a superb job of them, as usual. You can see the spark on the little girl, the cat’s tail on Mrs Winter, the wings on the Greggs, and the gun holding birds and much more.

Because it never is a true Roald Dahl book without Quentin Blake’s work in it, is it? It will have you laughing and teaching the kids a little something too; this book does, doesn’t it? 

You could Buy the Book right here :)

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