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Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review : 'Pradyumna : Son of Krishna’ by Usha Narayanan

Pradyumna : Son of Krishna’ by Usha Narayanan was not exactly my first read of Pradyumna. I knew of Kamadeva’s involvement in the entire mix. The story began in Emperor Kaalasura’s palace, where we are introduced to Vama. Before the reader gets too worried about, who this new character is, I might as well tell you. He is the man of the hour, better known as the protagonist, Pradyumna. 

But, due to his circumstances, he supposedly is Kaalasura and Mayavati’s son. But things move fast in this book, and he soon discovers that he is not. Instead, Mayavati turns out to be the love of his life, or perhaps I should say, lives. More on that, if you read the book. 

Vama soon discovers that he is actually Krishna and Rukmini’s son, Pradyumna and he was taken away when he was only a baby. But, his fate is different and he must return after a mind-numbing war with Kaalasura and his two sons.

His place is taken over by Jambavati’s son, Samba, who has a much larger role to play in the future. After Pradyumna is back at Dwaraka, he settles in with Mayavati and not without fanfare, I assure you.  

Once, Pradyuma is back his mother, who with Mayavati’s help, persuades him into marrying her brother Rukmi’s daughter, Rukmavati. After that you are meant to take in another episode of Anirudha, who is Pradyumna’s son who will take Rukmi’s granddaughter too, into the marriage fold. Anirudha’s marriage with an asura’s daughter and later, Pradyumna’s too with another, are all told in this story. Gods with quick tempers, asuras with murderous ones, and raging weapons are all a part of this life of Kamadeva's.

The wars over the Parijata and with more asuras, and other such incidents are all related in this book. Though all these incidents are of an interesting nature, I felt that they were told as if they were chapters in a book, which had to be filled at top speed.  Of course, there is more to this book and it will come out in the second part, I wish that Usha Narayanan tells it to us, by letting a single story build up. I felt that the story probably should have got this at the start itself. It was a story of love, in the beginning at least, which I felt was kind of lacking.

The wars, were of course was very well done. The incidents which work toward building the story, are not properly told, I felt. What happened to Kama and why was he forced to take another birth are all explained here. Pradyumna’s is a story, which should have gotten more of its share, and I can see that Usha Narayanan is at least giving him his due in the spotlight.

Author : Usha Narayanan

Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads
ISBN : 9780143424161
Price : Rs 299/-

You can Buy the Book here.

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