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Monday, September 14, 2015

Book Review : 'Clouds Don't Pass' by Abhishek Krishnan

Clouds Don't Pass is a story that revolves around Abi and his adventures, over the next few years. Abi is a college student, and basically, everything which some of us have seen, felt, and noticed during the college years, are here in the first half. His life, his passions and the love of his life, Shruthi are all present in this book. 

The first part is all about Abi and Shruthi, when he meets, falls in love and even loses her. There is also, of course the friendship, which he has with some of the characters, which is hilarious. Some of it kind of, took me back to my college days. Abi’s failure in love with Shruthi going out of the picture, ends the first half. Shruthi was married too.

The second half deals the failure in his life, when the mood is set by cinema. Since cinema is a major part of this book, it does not fail to make an appearance here too. Firstly, it does in the first half, when Abi is doing well, and then it goes down in the second half, when he is down in dumps too. He seems to be conned around by the so-called big shots in the film industry. His life takes an unexpected twist with Shruthi’s death.

He finally gets to Bangalore, where he joins up at a call centre. Here, he enjoys his job and seems to be doing well for himself. He even has a new girlfriend. That is when, his life takes another twist, and he ends up meeting Shruthi, all over again.

Now, what is up with Shruthi? What happened to her and her husband? All these questions get asked and answered. All his friends come out to help, in this part.

It basically ran a normal course, fun, love, grief, and twists. Well, I liked it in parts. The writing was good, did not find too many mistakes, besides a few in the beginning, especially with names of actors. But they do say that proper nouns cannot be particularly mistaken. :)

Author : Abhishek Krishnan
Publisher : Notion Press
ISBN : 9789352062201
Price : Rs 300/-

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