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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Author Interview : PG Van, author of 'Destiny Embraces... : A tale of two hearts and one soul (The Destiny Series Book 2)'

PG Van

Here, she talks about what inspires her to keep writing, what her challenge was, what the kind of research was that went into this book, how she came up with the the concept of mixing history with technology and the love story blend and much more, Folks...

What inspires you to keep writing? 

Writing has become an important part of my routine, since I started writing about an year ago. Everything I see, everything I do in my day to day life inspires me to write. 

I have formed a story around something that I have experienced and built the story. Something, that I see as a social issue is part of my story and builds the character.

Writing is a stress buster and I feel revived even if I am able to write for fifteen minutes.

What about the twists and turns? How does the story reach a point when you feel the need for a twist?

The twists and turns are what I pull together, first as part of the bare bones and build up the story to the twist. 

I believe that any genre reader likes to be surprised, when the story ends up not being, what they predicted and I love to keep my readers guessing hoping I am not giving away too much of the twist too early on.

What is the greatest challenge in writing this book?

The greatest challenge with ‘The Pure Destiny Series’ is that I started with an outline of the story that needed to be broken down into multiple books.

Meeting the expectations of my readers while keeping them captivated was my biggest challenge with this book.

How much research did you do before writing this book? What was the kind of research that went into it?

Most of my research is done, while I am writing my story outline. It is very important that the story makes sense logically even if the characters maybe too ideal at times.

I do additional research, if I get to a point where I feel like I am not giving enough information to paint the full picture.

What motivated you to write ‘Destiny Embraces’?

It is a continuation of ‘Destiny Decides...’ and is part two of ‘The Pure Destiny Series’.

The original story would be a saga if it were all in one book so I had to break it up into multiple parts.

A blend of history with technology, a couple of love stories to top it all… how did you come up with the entire concept?

I love historical love stories and I wanted an element of that in my story and with the characters being part of the technology age; that blend happened naturally.

What about your next book? When is it expected? Can you give us a preview of it?

The Pure Destiny Series will have two more parts. One will be a historical love story and the other would be the continuation of solving the mystery and finding answers to Sameera’s questions.

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