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Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review : 'The Purpose of you in this World is for Me' by Santosh Deshpande

It was an odd beginning for Maithri. She was in the USA, in a place called Oakhurst. She goes to a community college, with two of her friends, Angel and Shirley. But she is disturbed by something. She has a strange dream repeatedly. And she repeats it to her friend in the mornings. 

As she gets used to her new surroundings, she also comes across Anand Devaditya. He is a research student from San Diego, who is at Oakhurst, on a special mission and helps out the students here. 

He has very mysterious air about him, and the strangest thing about him is the weird attitude he seems to have taken towards Maithri. He seems to be really sweet and nice to her on day and on the odd day, a complete opposite.  Though Maithri seems to have taken a liking for him, she does not understand his behaviour.

Maithri goes for a jog in the mornings, and one day she notices her odd companion. Anand, who also jogs along with her, one day acts friendly and then acts completely to the contrary. So, through college and the mysterious jogs, strangely they become friends, probably due to the fact that she continuously dreams of him. And he will not leave her thought stream either. And the best thing is that he keeps on rescuing her from death over and over again.

Or maybe, a little like a supernatural being, Anand seems. How does he manage to rescue her repeatedly and how does she always manage to get stuck on to these strange phantasms? With no one to rescue her, or so it seems… but he always finds a way.

So, a death and a few accidents later, the book also romantically enough, has a night of dancing and a lot of mysteries to solve. He never bleeds, either! A few paranormal moments later, wherein nothing ever happens to this man, the story comes to a peculiar sort of an end.

So, read up this book and I hope you manage to figure it out. :) The book was good but it had its grammatical errors every now and then. And unfortunately, you cannot miss them.

Also, this book’s title, ‘The Purpose of you in this World is Me’ by Santosh Deshpande is a little too much for me to take. It sounds very long. But do give it a read, and make your own judgements.

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