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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Book Review : 'Yama’s Lieutenant' by Anuja Chandramouli

Yama's Lieutenant

Anuja Chandramouli’s ‘Yama’s Lieutenant’ is a tad'?' different from her earlier books. All her earlier books, dealt with one character, particularly. Whether it was Arjuna or Kamadeva or even Shakti, but this one does not have Chitragupta or anyone of that sort! 

It has Agni Prakash, who is an earthling but is suddenly thrust forward. And modern life is suddenly mixed with mythology. It starts off with the six year old Varuna and her twin brother, Agni and the promise they make to each other of never leaving the other.

But, as the story moves on we are left with an empty space, when Varu once lived. But that is not all. She leaves behind a manuscript, which Agni has to go through. 

In the meanwhile, hell’s occupants have broken free, and have vowed to inflict chaos in all of the three realms, of heaven, hell and earth. The fierce populace of hell are upon us, and we find that it is now, an earthling’s duty to save the three dimensions.

Yama, who is the lord of hell, now is in need of help. Agni is the chosen one. His job is to deal with the dead ones in the process of finding one person. In this, he would be helped along by two hounds, as well as Yama’s staff, fire and noose. He would also be aided by a young woman, Minothi blessed with a powerful and special magic. 

As the book moves forward, we have two different phases to deal with. One is Agni’s world, where he finds out that he would be the lieutenant and the work he is put through. The deaths, the killings, the causes, whether it is the world, we see around us, in terms of caste, or even the accidents, which seem to be happening around the country. 

And the other, is the manuscript he is supposed to read. It talks of Yama and his sister. The son and daughter of Lord Surya and his wife, Sanjana. What it is that happens to them, how the entire melodrama is brought about, and how exactly the whole drama comes through is all a part of the manuscript.
Does Agni manage to find the links between his own life and that of Yama? Does he also take the help of the Minothi, and find his way across Ganga to find the young woman, which was his task and save the three worlds?
Anuja Chandramouli

Okay, that is not all. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson also make an appearance. The fantastical story had its blend of true lives, along with its mix of mythology and stories of death.  It had such a mix of everything. 

I loved Chandramouli’s attempt at experimenting. It was quite the different story, it did not attempt to explain Yama’s story nor did it dwell on Agni’s twists with fate. I guess, it got a little confusing but the overall blend of the fantasy left me  quite breathless. It had both, and mixed them well, indeed.

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