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Friday, August 19, 2016

Thoughts through Enid Blyton and me...!!

As I stretch my fingers to start typing, as I look into the distance at the new construction, I decide to go into my own world. Because this is not the sight I want to see, I have to block all vision but I hear a sound, whirr, whirr whireee… it would never end. I feel a headache coming on. Upset, I decide that it will not do. 
Enid Blyton

So, I shut my eyes. Then, I step into the world, Enid Blyton had created for me all those years ago. I open my eyes, to look at the green grass and hear the sea hitting at the rocks round it. I look in wonder. I almost hope to see George. I did look a little like her too. With short, curly hair and the need to jump all across the beach. 

Nowadays, I am reading up, all I can find about Enid Blyton. And it’s all not good. But, there is one thing I have loved and will always love about Enid Blyton. And that is George! 

If it wasn’t for her, I could never have done half the stuff I did, at that time.
George with Timmy
She gave new meaning to being a tomboy. Of course, George of the Famous Five considered herself, a boy and I didn’t. But hey, being a tomboy was so much fun. 

It meant chopping off my hair, and living in jeans and tees, it also it also meant climbing trees, every time, a branch higher… any chance I got. It also meant bugging my father to get me a cricket bat to play with all the boys, in the colony. It also meant a rabbit (of course she had the dog, Timmy), which I chased up and down my house. Later, it meant all those games, that I spent playing, in the breaks between classes. And moving on to sports in school too… and all the traveling I did, too!! Of course, there are times when she was stupid too, but who isn't?? :)
But there was a reason, and I give all credit to George or Georgina. Because, I learned so much more. And felt and did so much more. I wish I was half the tomboy, she was, even today!

That’s all. I don’t really care about what they thought and what their philosophies today, are. All I can say, George was something else, and she, alone taught me what no one else could have…
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