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Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review : 'Trapped' by Kavitha Mandana

Nowadays, I do not know why, but am getting a lot of children’s books and some even the paranormal kinds. So, I finally picked up, Kavitha Mandana’s ‘Trapped’. As, I began to read it, and noticed a few words and it ran in a cool way, which had me hooked on to it. The words were so, ‘Pink Floyd’ like that it had me at the word go.

And it had more, a lady called Lingamma, who’s the permanent help, around the house. ‘It kind of linked me to Lingayya, a 90 year gardener at my home, once upon a time.’ Well, that’s almost 2 points in favour of me reading the book. Anyway, let’s begin.

It starts off with Anandita and Arjun, twins and their brother, Amit, who incidentally is the ‘ghostwriter’ for their band. Okay, actually it is a mystery, how Amit actually would not have been a ghost, if he was born, but since he is one, and only the twins seem to know of him and communicate with him!! And, Lingamma too!

Amit is tired of the fact that only those three know of him. He wants to feel like a part of the family. His mother is wondering, who the twins are talking to, constantly. Surprisingly, Amit’s dad also manages to communicate with him, but his own mother doesn’t. They have the usual adolescent problems, heartbreak, coupled with music and of course, their paranormal issue. 
Pink Floyd (from Wikipedia)

Okay, the twins a part of ‘Bus Band’, which seems to be practising and hopefully, soon would move from their viral self to a full on band. 

And to add to the spirit world, there is one more ghost, who makes an appearance to show Amit, how little he has and how little else, he might be left with.

Of course, it got a tad bit scary in the middle, but it is a good read. The mix and match of all the paranoia and the love stories, is all a part of this bud band’s love story twists and turns.

Will the love stories of both Anandita and Arjun have an end? Is there an absolute right answer to the questions, Amit’s mind poses? How will the ghosts find their ends, if there is one? Will Amit’s mother ever find out, what the twins are up to? What is up with the additional spirit, what will happen to it in the end?

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